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i am an artist based in dublin, ireland. i paint and write poetry and prose. this blog contains short stories, poetry, photographs and music. i have recently developed an illustrated word project in collaboration with dutch composer, trian kayhatu. it grew from words undone sharings and the musical compositions of trian. it is entitled 'art undone'. the link to this site is below. welcome to my worldS!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

re-visiting ~~~ my favourite adventure of Jasmine and Rose

(from Le Manoir de Lord Tennington by 'Evariste Arsonval' - translated and adapted from the French by Eabha Rose)

Invisible and free! Invisible and free! ..." exalted Margaret in the magnificent novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Elsewhere, naked in the clouds, the beautiful sorceress (as sung by Robert Desnos, the most courageous of poets/alchemists) rode her magic broomstick to the masked ball hosted by the King of Darkness, who had been disguised as a snake in the Garden of Eden.

Naked, Rose was not yet, but speeding through the clouds whilst clinging tightly to Jasmine who steered the broomstick, she enjoyed her first experience of flying with her beloved sorceress. Trembling with fear, mad with pleasure, she admired the virtuosity with which this beautiful thief sailed though the sky a few hundred metres above the streets of Dublin.

"The Master and Margarita!" remembered the scholar...."The best novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, a journey of balance between good and evil, a confrontation with Satan, on the thread of love....But here begin the adventures of The Mistress and Rose! ... What will happen next? ...' she wondered as she laid her cheek tenderly against the back of her dearest Jasmine, feeling blessed that she had been abandoned to this fate ....

"This is not the time to be emotional, Rose", Jasmine said as she turned her broomstick to avoid the steeple of St. Patrick's Cathedral. "I fly, you do not move except when I tell you to move....For now, cover your eyes... I do not want you to know where my lair is..." - And the sorceress gave her a blindfold behind which Rose hid her eyes.

Rose was now in darkness, hundreds of feet above the ground, not knowing where she was or where she was being taken, balanced percariously, hardly daring to hold Jasmine for fear of displeasing her. She tried to find comfort in hearing the voice of the witch whose beauty was unveiled by the wind, and so told her humbly, "O, Jasmine..I do not see anything."

Jasmine replied immediately... "Call me Mistress. I don't want to have to say it again.... "

- And it was as if Rose had been slapped again by Sonia but even more painfully and by the dry voice of the woman with whom she was sailing. Rose felt hurt and embarrassed. She wanted to be gone, to have never known Tennington, to have never been invited to join Jasmine. She wanted to return to a familiar place, to a warm pub with a beautiful university friend, to talk about literature, to dream ...

"Am I dreaming?" Rose wondered ...This troubling thought tore at her while the broomstick began to nose dive as if Jasmine had intended to crush them both to end this shameful adventure. And indeed the silent witch, in the most daring defiance of universal gravitation, waved her wand and, as they dove at great speed, the Earth, by Magic, opened before them. They passed in to a dark underground labyrinth where large rocks began to part, opening the passage, their pace slowing significantly.

Suddenly the broom stopped, resting motionless in the air as it waited patiently for Jasmine to disembark. She grabbed Rose and threw her across her shoulder and then with the same force, threw her on to the bed before slipping the blindfold from her eyes. Jasmine then returned the broom to the closet before changing in to a dark red negligee which revealed her fullness as well as her wild yet sensual beauty.

"Dearest Mistress", said Rose, "thank you for saving me."

Jasmine turned away..."I have not saved. I've removed."

"But you removed me to save me...."

"Not at all. I have removed you to take you as my apprentice witch as Beatrice was stolen from me... Due to stupid modern ideas, it has become so difficult to find a submissive female apprentice.. Males are scrambling to fill the role but they do not understand it as a woman does. Why do you think Beatrice was stolen? Why do you think these pesudo-alchemists wanted you too? To educate? to protect you? Not at all! They are selfish. They only want you to serve them. An instrument like you should be handled with dexterity. Hush, now, I want to read and write some....."

Under the candlelight, Jasmine noticed the cabalistic signs woven through the text she was reading. "The Master will understand. He knows the Book of Books. He cannot ignore the cabal. I sent him a quick note to thank him and reassure him. It is better that we have an ally. After all, it was he who found you. I do not think he wants me. He has both Sonia and Beatrice. He is smart enough to know that you are perfect to serve me and I am also here to please you..."

"Now it's time to get ready to eat, Rose.. Take off your hood, take off your clothes. Put this on." Jasmine handed her a transparent cotton dress.

"But what should I wear underneath, Mistress? "asked Rose, unveiling her fair face as the hood fell around her shoulders.

"You do not ask questions. This is the second rule. If I wanted you wear something underneath, I would have given it to you."

Rose, without daring to look up, took off her shoes. She then undid her garter belt, her stockings falling to her feet before she placed them gently on the bed. Rose then released the straps of her dress and stepped out of it. She then arched her back to undo her bra before lowering her panties. A blushing Rose stood naked before Jasmine, who watched her intently.

"Stay like that for now", said Jasmine. "I need to look more closely." She approached Rose, caressed her breasts with the tips of the fingers, slightly scratching her. She tasted and chewed the nipples. "Very nice', Jasmine said massaging the pale firm breasts presented to her, their nipples responding to the witch's touch. Jasmine then introduced her finger in to Rose's mouth.

"Suck....." she said..."Yes, voluptuous and sensual....Perfect".

Turn around for me to consider your butt." Rose turned around.

"Well trained, well shaped... There is no denying you are very nice, but it's not just the aesthetics that matter in life - the material must be resistant too." Jasmine then pinched Rose sharply on her bottom. Rose bit her lip to keep from crying. "Very good. Firm and responsive. You are what I am looking for...." And she smacked Rose with her strong elegant hand... "But it is not yet time to have fun, for now we must eat..."